Setting up the BI link in myICLUB

Before you get started, remember that the BI link makes it so myICLUB can read stock studies in your SSGPlus library on the web site. If you don't already have a completed stock study in your SSGPlus library on, we do suggest to complete at least one study for a stock you have been assigned, so that you will be able to see the full effect of the BI link.

Once you have a completed stock study, or if you want to do the stock study later, then sign in to your club at

  • Once you are signed in,  click the My Account link, near the top right-hand corner of any page
  • Select Establish BI Link from the left navigation menu.
  • Enter your BetterInvesting username and password. Many browsers have settings these days, that will automatically fill in logins and passwords for you. If you get to the BI link page and find the username and password already filled in, delete those entries; they're probably the login and password for myICLUB. Make sure to type in your BetterInvesting username and password yourself.
  • Once you have your BI username and password entered, then click the Establish Link button. It may take a few seconds, but the screen will change to show the message "Your ICLUB-BI link is established".

If you're one of the club administrators, go to the Reports page and click StockWatcher Assignments. From there, you can select club members as the stock watcher for each of the club's current holdings.


If you're not an administrator, go to the Reports page, and click My Assigned Stocks.

  • From here, you can choose a stock study from your SSGPlus library, to use creating a Stock Watcher report, and for filling in data on the portfolio reports for your club.
  • On this page, you will see the stock(s) you have been assigned. Next to each stock will be a drop-down menu showing the stock study from your SSGPlus library, that is linked to the site.
  • When you first get to the page, or if you haven't chosen a study yet, the menu will say --Not Linked--
  • Click that --Not Linked-- text, and the drop down will show the stock studies with a matching ticker symbol, that are in your SSGPlus library.
  • Select the study you want to use, then click *Submit* near the bottom of the page. This will save your choice, and the information from that stock study will be used on StockWatcher reports, and in the Portfolio reports in


For a more in-depth discussion of setting up and using the BI link in myICLUB, please see our webinar on YouTube: