What is the Address Labels Report

The Address Labels Report allows you to create a formatted list in either PDF or CSV format, that contains the contact information for your club members.

Due to the personal nature of the information available on this report, it is restricted to members who have accounting privileges.

The default options for this report are to Select All members (which will include members who have withdrawn from the club), or to Select Active members, which will only select members who currently have ownership in the club.

If you are familiar with using the Ctrl key on your keyboard, you can also hold that key down while clicking the names of specific members, if you want to be more selective about who you choose from the members listed.

The exported file will contain only the member's name and mailing address; email, phone number, SSN and other information is not included. The report is intended to be printed out on a page of Avery Label #5160, and used when sending something to the members through the mail.