What is the Security Lot Basis Report

The Security Lot Basis report shows a breakdown of helpful tax information for the club's securities.

The report includes the following information for the selected securities:

  • Acquisition Date for Return Calculations and for tax purposes. In most cases, these will be the same, but if a stock has gone through a merger or a spinoff, you might be calculating your return from a different date than when the original security was purchased.
  • Total Basis - The total cost basis for each block. This is also totaled for the entire holding of each security.
  • Basis (Per) Share - This shows the basis per share, for each block. Similar to Total Basis, this is totaled for the entire holding of each security.
  • Market Value - This shows the market value on a per-block basis, as well as for the entire holding of a given security.
  • Unrealized Gain/(Loss) - This shows the gain or loss that the club would have, if the particular block (or all of the shares of a given security) were to be sold at the listed Market Value.
  • LT/ST - This gives a quick way to check whether the gain from Selling shares would be long or short term.


By default, the report shows information for all currently held securities, and uses the most recent end of day prices available.

The report can optionally be back-dated, to show returns for a previous date, and individual securities can be selected from the list of club holdings, if you want to narrow results to only selected securities.