What is the Club Home Page?

The Club Home page is where you'll start each time you sign in to myICLUB.com, and you can return to it any time by clicking on the Club Home tab, near top left-hand corner of the page.

Across the very top of the page, you will see the name of your club listed as part of a drop-down menu. If you have more than one club, you can use the drop-down menu to select the club, and be taken directly to the Club Home page for that club. Next to this is a Stock quote field; enter a ticker symbol and click GO to be taken to the Stock Quotes Information page. Next to this is the My Account link; click on this to change your personal information and settings, such as your password, user name, and address. Next to this is Logout; clicking this will sign you out of the club.

Below this are the tabs that serve as the main navigation tool for myICLUB.com. These tabs list the major sections of Club Accounting Online (Home, Accounting, Reports, Watch List, Taxes, People, Voting, Discussions, File Storage, Calendar, Videos, and Help). You can always tell which main section you are on, becasue the text in the tab will be bolded. Specific options for each page will show up in the column at the left of the window. In the case of the Club Home tab, you can click on Latest Valuation, to be take to the most recently saved valuation report.

 In addition to the tabs, Your club administrator can add a club logo which is displayed on all reports and all pages of the myICLUB.com website. Go to the Accounting Utilities page, and then select Update Club Setttings. The option to upload your club logo is at the bottom. Images should be in GIF, JPG, or PNG format, and 150 pixels high x 150 pixels wide. (Note: Images larger or smaller than 150x150 will be resized to fit, which may result in less than desirable results.) Have the most artistic member of your club go crazy and come up with a unique logo to represent your investment club.

The Club Home page itself is divided into several sections:

Club Portfolio- The Portfolio Heatmap shows the club's top stocks. The colors of the heatmap reflect the total percentage gain or loss of each security owned by the club; green is good, red is bad. The size of each block in the heatmap represents the percentage of that holding compared to the total club portfolio. You can access a larger version of the heatmap in the Reports section, as well. The old-style Accounting Summary is still available, just a click away using the link at the bottom of the Club Portfolio box.

Expiration Date - The club's expiration date is always clearly visible, any time you sign in.

Club Sentiment Index - If you haven't voted recently, you can vote on where you think the market is headed in the next 12 months. After voting, you'll see a bar graph showing what other club members are thinking. This takes into account members from every club that uses myICLUB.com. You can also click the Go to club sentiment index link, to see a running tally of votes for the last several years.

Recent Blog Posts - Written primarily by Doug Gerlach, we've added a Blog where you can learn more about updates to the website, along with news about other ICLUBcentral tools and services.

Club Watch List - The club's Watch List is represented by another heatmap. Here the colors represent the percentage gain/loss since the stock was added to the list, and the size of the block represents the change in value from a hypothetical purchase of each stock on the day it was added, relative to the entire Watch List.

Club Calendar - This will show the next few upcoming events from the club's Calendar page. This can include events posted by the club, alerts about future dividends, or other ICLUBcentral posted events.

Club Voting - Shows any votes that you have not yet voted on.

Club Message Boards - Shows each message board (and post count) the club has, along with the two most recenty posted messages. Click the message board name to go to a general listing for that board, or click the title of a specific post, to see it instead.

Investment Club Hub - Shows links to helpful information available to myICLUB.com club members, including:

  • The Investment Club Sentiment Index - How do clubs see the market performing in the future? View their sentiment compared to the performance of the overall market.  
  • The Investment Club Top 40 - Here we detail the top 40 stocks Bought, Sold, and Held each month by myICLUB.com clubs.
  • Investment Club Learning Center - Multiple articles on starting and maintaining your Investment club
  • Investment Club Webinars - An archived listing of all the webinars posted by ICLUBcentral. These are all free, and can be signed up for at any time.
  • Investment Club Newsletter - Our regular newsletter, with updates about investing, new services, and upcoming appearances or classes we'll be involved in.
  • Investment Club Special Offers - Any special offers specifically intended for myICLUB.com clubs and members