What is the Accounting Page?


The Accounting page has five sections that are available in the left hand navigation menu: Summary, Securities, Members, Cash Accounts, and Utilities. Each section includes functions to help the treasurer update and maintain the club's financial records. Frequently used functions are available directly in the main window of each section.

Click the Accounting tab at any time while signed in to myICLUB.com to display the Accounting page. The left-hand column has links for the major sections, along with links to frequently used functions. Click the small triangle next to more for any section, to show all transactions for that section, or Click the section titles, to see the specific page for that section. Each section page will show more detailed information, as well as all available transactions or options.

As with many pages, we have a few quick buttons near the top right-hand corner of the page. The main Accounting page has buttons for Yahoo!, and PDF.
Clicking the Yahoo! button will send a list of the tickers shown on the Portfolio section, to Yahoo! Finance. You can view extra information about the companies there, and add them to a portfolio, if you want.
Clicking the PDF button will create a PDF showing the information in the Portfolio, Cash and Member sections, without the top or side navigation buttons and links.



Clicking the Accounting tab takes you to the Summary page and displays information about the club stock portfolio, balances in the club cash accounts, and each member's units, value and percentage ownership. You can also view or edit many transactions from this page by clicking the smaller view/edit transactions links in each section of this page. You can return to this page by clicking Summary in the left column of any Accounting section page.

You will also notice under the Summary heading on the left, a view/edit transactions link. While each section has it's own View/Edit Transactions link, the one under the Summary heading allows you to search for any type of transaction, as well as adding advanced searches including the date the transaction was entered, how much it was for, and anything entered in the notes field.

The Summary page also gives you access to the Broker Sync, which can be used to import securities transactions from several broker websites.

In the main part of the page are the primary sections

  • The Portfolio section contains a list of each stock owned by the club, showing the ticker symbol, the number of shares owned by the club, and the stocks latest closing price and market value.
  • The Cash available section is a tabulation of the balances in each of the clubs cash accounts.
  • The Member value section lists the clubs members, their units, cash value, and percentage ownership in the club.
    • The club's unit value is shown, computed from the totals of the clubs assets and number of units. Note that this is not the unit value that will be used if a member withdrawal is entered. The accounting system will use the unit value from a saved valuation. For more on this, please see the Record a Withdrawal Note


The Wizards page gives you access to guides we have added to the site, to help with your book-keeping. The primary wizards are the Pre and Post-Meeting wizards. These two will help you prepare for a meeting by adding common transactions, and creating common reports, and then post-meeting, enter any transactions that might have come up while at the meeting.


The Securities page shows details of the clubs portfolio. The table of securities includes the symbol, number of shares, the last closing price, the date of the last closing price, the exchange for each stock, and the market value. The table also includes the total cash owned by the club, the total value of the club, the portfolio value and the unit value. Club members who view the page also see details of their club ownership.


The Members page displays a list of club members and summarizes each members ownership in the club. For each member, the table displays the members units, the value of the units, and the percentage ownership in the club. The table also shows the current value of a unit.

Cash Accounts

The Cash Accounts section displays a summary of the clubs cash accounts, description, and the balance in each account as of a specified date. Edit the date and click Submit to change the date of the account balances.


The Utilities section of the Accounting tab contains a number of miscellaneous functions which do not fit under the general categories of Securities, Members, or Cash Accounts.