What is the Watch List Page?

Using the Watch List, club members can add stocks that you want to keep an eye on, and then track their performance over time, watching to see if the stock falls to a more attractive level. You can also use the Watch List to help manage stock picking contests within your club.

Similar to the StockWatcher and portfolio reports, the Watch List relies largely on linked stock studies from each member's BetterInvesting library in the SSG Plus tool. Some information, such as price and diversification details are taken from our database, but any information about P/E, Return, etc. is taken from a member's stock study.


The Watch List has several options available from the left-hand navigation area.

  • Watch List: This returns to the main Watch List page, from any of the other parts of the Watch List.
  • Add Company: This allows you to add a company to the Watch List, by entering a ticker symbol.
  • Club Watch List Stocks: Similar to the Watch List link, this goes back to the main Watch List page
  • My Watch List Stocks: Goes to a page showing some basic information about securities you have added to the Watch List
  • Clear Watch List: This clears all studies from the Watch List, and cannot be undone.

To use the Watch List, click Watch List at the top of the page after you log in. Click Add company in the left-hand navigation area, to add a stock.

Click the Ticker for any company, to get to the Company Details page. This gives tools for Changing the date added, who selected the stock, linking a study, or removing the company from the Watch List.

For more on saving and importing files to the Watch List, please see FAQ 211 at: https://www.iclub.com/faq/Home/Article?id=211

The Watch List has tabs for Fundamentals and Diversification. For more about those, please see our FAQ on the Watch List Tabs: https://www.iclub.com/faq/Home/Article?id=210

 Any member of your club who has privileges to "Record accounting information" in their "Edit Member Profile" screen can Edit or Remove any other member's entries to the Watch List. Otherwise, members can Add, Edit and Remove only their own entries.