Selecting specific dates when exporting data from Charles Schwab

These steps will illustrate how to select and export transactions from Charles Schwab, for specific dates.

First, sign in to the Charles Schwab web site, and click the History tab


Second, click the drop-down menu under Date Range. You can select one of the default date ranges, or choose 'Custom'

If you select 'Custom', then double-click the "From" field and enter the start of the range of dates you want to start from; use the calendar drop-down, or type in the date you want to start from. If you don't want everything up to the current date, click in the ' To ' box, and enter the ending date. Otherwise, just click "Search".

After you click 'Search' Schwab will display the transactions for whatever range of dates you entered.

Click 'Export' , and then OK at that point to save the file. It will only have transactions for the range of dates you selected.

This will complete the export from Charles Schwab. You can now import that file to the site, and it will only contain the range of transactions you selected on the Schwab site.