Forcing a qualified dividend / non-qualified dividend

If you have a dividend that the brokerage states is qualified, but myICLUB shows as non-qualified, it is most often due to the ex-dividend date being incorrectly entered in myICLUB, or to the dividend date being just a few days too close to a recent Buy or Sell transaction. To check ex-dividend dates for issues, we suggest going to Reports > Security Distributions; this report will show the dividend and ex-dividend dates of entries made in the club records.

The ex-dividend date is normally two to three weeks before the dividend; you can check the history of dividend information with a few steps:

  • Enter a ticker in the Stock Quote box near the top of the page, and click GO
  • On the Stock Quotes/Information page, scroll down and click the Dividends link.
  • Match the Ex-dividend and Payout date to what is in the club records. Particularly for the ex-dividend date, check to make sure you have the correct information entered.

Sometimes, despite best efforts, you may find that you cannot figure out which Buy, Sell, Dividend or ex-dividend date is causing the difference between your records and the brokerage. In those cases, there is a work-around you can use, that only takes a few steps:

  • Go to Accounting > Securities > Security Settings
  • If the stock has been sold or transferred out of the club, click the * Show Inactive Securities * box near the bottom of the page.
  • Click the Edit button next to the stock in question.
  • Change Security TYPE to *Other*, and click Submit.

On the general reports, this will initially show any of its dividends as non-qualified for the year.
However, when you go to perform the year-end allocation, the site will now give you the option to enter the amount of qualified dividends for that security during the year.

Whatever information you enter as part of the allocation will be carried over into the tax printer, so that the dividend amounts will agree with the brokerage.