What is the File Storage Page?

This page gives a general description of the file storage page. For more information on saving files to this page, or dowloading saved files on to your computer, please check FAQ 264.

Click the File Storage tab to display the main File Storage page. Use the File Storage Area to store documents, reports, pictures or any other files that the club may need.

Up to 500 megabytes (as of November 2022) of data can be stored in the File Storage Area. In the top right corner of the screen, the amount of your clubs allotted storage space currently used is displayed, in both megabytes and as a percentage of the total.


The number in parentheses to the right of a folder name is the number of files and/or sub-folders that are included in that folder.

The black arrow to the left of the folder name indicates that the folder has items within it. Click the arrow to expand the folder and display the files and sub-folders in the folder. The arrow will change to point downward, indicating that the folder has been expanded. Click the arrow again and the folder will collapse, hiding the folders contents.

Clicking the small trash can icon will move the file to the Recycle Bin; clicking the Pencil will allow you to rename or move the file.


To open a file or folder, click the items name. Please note that you must have the same software installed on your computer as was used by the uploading member to create a particular file in order to view the file. For instance, to read SSG files, both the sender and the recipient must have their own licensed copy of SSG software.


By default, Club Accounting Online provides four folders in the file storage area: Minutes, Partnerships/Bylaws, Stock Research, and Free Resources from myICLUB.com. You may rename or delete the first three of these folders. The Free Resources folder is controlled by ICLUBcentral, and does not take up your File Storage space.

In Addition

  • If your club uses the myICLUB tax printer, you may also see a Tax Archives folder. This folder can only be seen by members who have the ability to generate the tax returns; most mebmers will not see this folder, and it also does not impact your available file storage space.
  • If you upload *.ITK files to your club Watch List (The file format used when exporting from BetterInvesting online tools), a folder named Watch List will also appear automatically in the File Storage area where those files are stored. You may not remove the Watch List folder.

Public vs. Private Files

All files are private to the club's page, unless marked public. This means that by default, only members of the club who are signed in to the their myICLUB.com page, can see their club files.

Each club also has the ability to mark file public, as long as they are not using a trial subscription, using a few steps:

On the File Storage Main page, click the Arrow next to the folder, which contains the file you would like to make public. This will show the contents of the folder, and whether or not the files are already public. In the example below, the first three files are already public, as illustrated by the small person icon to the left of the trash can in the right-hand column:

Click any of the check-boxes, and then select *Set checked files as public/private*, from the Actions drop-down menu near the bottom of the list of all files, to change whether they are public or private. The selection in the drop-down menu acts as a simple switch from public to private. If you select two files that are already public and two that are private, then make the selection from the menu, the public files will be made private, and vice-versa

If your File Storage has multiple layers of folders, click the arrow next to each layer, until you can see the name of the file, and the icon showing if they are public or private. The *Set checked files as public/private* selection will work on all visible files, but does not move them between folders.


Once files have been marked public, they can be accessed at a unique URL, based on the club's ID number in our database. Each club's number is specific to that club. In the text below, you can see that the URl for the support test club is https://www.myiclub.com/club/folders/public.aspx?club=19505



Please note that due to the Support Test club being used for examples and testing during the year, the files on the public page may not always match those shown in the examples above.