Foreign tax reclaim adjustment

A Foreign tax reclaim adjustment is a tax refund of foreign tax withheld. How you enter these depends on when you actually received the cash.

If you received the cash last year, then we suggest to edit the dividends transactions where the foreign tax was withheld and change the tax withheld to reflect the new smaller tax paid.
Depending on the amount of change this makes to the club totals for last year, you may consider filing an amended tax return after the adjustments. The lower tax paid would mean lower tax credits being passed along to members.

If the cash was received this year, and the dates are just the broker itemizing the tax dates when the original tax was paid, then just enter the total received under Accounting > Cash Accounts > Income. This is a similar situation to a deduction for state and local taxes on a Federal return. If you claim the deduction and then get a refund in the next tax year, you claim the refund as income.